Looking for the perfect magical experience for your child's birthday party? Well, look no further! Naathan offers comedy and magic shows running at 30 and 45 minutes in length (basic and deluxe, respectively) that the adults in attendance will enjoy just as much as the kids! Every show includes Naathan's gorgeous backdrop to create a theatrical ambiance, a portable sound system that just the right size for any backyard or ballroom, and a special routine featuring the birthday guest of honor doing all the magic! The deluxe show includes an upgraded routine from Naathan's stage show and live animals: doves and rabbit, all of whom are available for a meet and greet after the show!

Check out Naathan's full, portable, set up (standard with premium tier)!

Click the following links to learn more about his deluxe and basic tier comedy and magic shows!

Upgrade your experience with these spectacular add-ons!

***THE ULTIMATE ENTERTAINER EXPERIENCE (up to 1 hour of additional entertainment)***
Tack this on before the magic show and your guests will be rolling in the aisles before a single trick is performed! This package features an extended comedy warm up show where I twist balloons for all the kids in a dexterous, expedited, and hilarious fashion, all the while singing, dancing, telling stories, and being silly. The length depends on the number of kids but it usually runs no longer than an hour.

This is the best deal is Southern California! It features a professional photographer who will focus on capturing the wonderful priceless reactions of the audience during the balloon comedy warm up, the magic extravaganza that ensues and, as an added bonus, will take a picture of each kid after the show in front of my sensational thousand-dollar backdrop, while wearing a top hat, sitting next to me, with Ian in their lap. Full resolution photos of their kid(s) will be available to each parent free of charge via email or photo-sharing website. Touched up studio quality prints are also available by mail for an additional charge to the parents.