Although Naathan is relatively young, he has been referred to as having an old soul with a youthful energy. His ADHD energy and rapid-fire delivery of patter, jokes, and magic make him a natural with young adults, who will delight in his affable, non-offensive demeanor and his references to pop culture and celebrity impressions. Older generations will be impressed by his obscure references and knowledge of the past, maturity, pacing, ditties from before the 70's, and impressions of stars from the Golden Age of cinema and radio. Need a slightly racy show for a bachelorette party? Done. Need a new, yet familiar friend of the family who will liven up someone's 50th, 60th, 70th, even 80th birthday? He has been there and entertained at that. Contact him today to find out why this versatile performer is proving himself as one of America's best entertainers... bar none.